One-Woman Children Shows Oh My! 

    Amidst adhering to Covid-19 protocols, Elise had started creating her own one-woman adapted shows with Tiny Broadway. These shows provide students with an interactive and interpersonal relationship to stories. Tiny Broadway works in cooperation with NYC public schools to provide theatre based learning with a goal of improving literacy through stories and Social & Emotional learning themes. Book your Tiny Broadway interactive SEL literacy experience today!  

Elise is currently offering 3 Interactive, SEL, Literacy, & Musical Shows with Tiny Broadway! Have a a certain story you would like in an educational, musical, and entertaining format? Look no further than here! I specialize in adapting stories into "one-woman" learning shows for children. Reach out if you'd like to collaborate or throw me an idea! Current Shows with Tiny Broadway listed below: 






The Story of Wicked 



Wicked the HipHop Musical: Four Part Series will virtually enchant students with the beloved Broadway Sensation Wicked with a Hip Hop Twist!

It’s been 10 years since the events of Elphaba and Glinda took place and it feels like everyone has seemed to have forgotten the excitement that the land beyond the Rainbow holds. 


Except for Miss Nessarose-Elphaba's sometimes forgotten sister. Nessarose is now the Mayoress of Munchkin Land and is finding that the Munchkins know NOTHING about Elphaba and Glinda’s story-so Nessarose is regaling the incredible tale Now-but with a twist a hip hop twist! 

Join Miss Nessarose as she tells the thrilling musical tale of two witches turned friends, turned enemies-with an entire magical city flipped upside down. 


This virtual interactive experience will take you through the incredible story of Wicked through learning about friendships, love, some wickedly awesome crafts, activities, and moral character all while dishing out some incredible bops along the way!


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Finding Frosty

Screen Shot 2021-02-07 at 8.58.11 PM.png


Finding Frosty: The Snowy Musical is an interactive musical experience that follows Snow Patrol Captain Violet Icicle. Violet Icicle is the fiercest and smartest Snow Patrol Captain the Town of Flakey has ever seen. She’s experienced the biggest trees falling, the iciest and slickest roads, and the biggest igloos to ever be made in Winter. There is one thing she’s never gotten to see though...something that seems to be snow folklore..but is determined to discover...Frosty The Snowman!!


This year with the help of her Snow assistants-Mattie & Meggie Freezington she is going to bring Frosty to life and she needs your help! Frosty has been known to have the most enchanting and warm singing voice.


Violet, Mattie, and Meggie think through Song, Dance, and Snow joy they will lure the beautiful sparkly snowman to grace Flakey with his show tunes. Come join Frosty the Snowman: The Snowy Musical for an interactive show filled with Broadway-Style Tunes, HipHop music, Snowy crafts, and the ultimate virtual snowy experience.


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Mr. Grinch: The Hip Hop Musical 

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This interactive show is the perfect blend of a Holiday classic and hip hop musical. Come watch a live interactive story-telling adventure, based on Dr. Seuss's classic, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. This class will take you on a hip hop adventure through the story while also helping us examine the Grinch and his feelings. 

This fun yet quirky show involves craft project, writing assignment and build on foundations of social emotional learning skills Students will be guided through a lesson on how to write their own free-style as a cathartic outlet to share their feelings and express themselves.

Students will walk away having created: songs, their own movement, and collaborate with other students along the way!

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