Two Jumpsuits 


 "Those who have learned to Collaborate and Improvise have prevailed" -Charles Darwin 

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We’re Bethilda & Winifred, two weee Leprechauns who are often seen at the end of every rainbow. We collect gold, step dance, all while creating a performance of our lives with Musical Improv & Freestyle Rap based on your suggestions. We ask you for a time in your life when you were lucky or unlucky and create a show based off of your lucky or unlucky moment. An example is, “I was lucky when I found a penny on the street” and based on that we make a magical, enchanting, irish, jig with rap and music completely inspired by you! We don’t only sing and rap but Bethilda & Winifred is a comedic Improv show, much like a sitcom, that looks into the lives of two leprechauns’ mischief. This show includes Freestyle rapping, Improvised singing, and the larger than life performed improvised shenanigans of characters of Winifred & Bethilda. And not only that, but Winifred & Bethilda change seasonally! How? We don’t always know, however, they’ve been Witches, Santa’s Elves, Cupids, and So much more! Each new holiday these two magical women transform-will you be there to see their next transformation?

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