TA- Teaching Artist 


 "Teaching is 1/4 Preparation  3/4 Theatre"  

- Gail Goodwin 



Improv & Theatre & Storytelling  (All Ages) 

         specialize in teaching Improv, Theatre, and Storytelling to all ages.  My pedagogy is to teach Improv based exercises that transition into Theatre. Training in Improv has helped me to become present in my daily life and my mission is to bestow the presence in life onto my students. I have a background in teaching children’s Theatre classes from when I was a pre-teen to now at NYC elementary schools.  I believe that learning comfort in failure is the key to finding success in the Performing Arts. *(References, Resumes, Lesson Plans available on request)*


 Theatre Training 

My Theatre training’s foundation is paper-based in terms of reflective writing, and research while also using Improv and Physical Theatre to explore that foundation. My strengths lie in Physical Theatre, Improvisation, and Shakespeare. For Physical Theatre I was trained with Post Theatre Company’s Suzuki Method. The core of this training is the awareness and use of the body as a tool to elevate text in performance. This training extended into Devising Ensemble-based projects with which we explored social, political, and personal themes. 


Improv Training 

My Improv training consists of the methodologies of The Second City Chicago, iO Chicago, The Annoyance Chicago, and The Magnet Theatre in NYC. I define my personal training as a plethora of all these theatres’ teachings. My range in Improv consists of Short-form, Long-form, Musical Improvisation, and Dramatic Improvisation. 



 For my Shakespeare training,  I was trained under the pedagogy of Dr. Valerie Clayman Pye who teaches the actor to view Shakespeare text as that of an architect. With a clear analysis of scansion, vocal conceits, and understanding of The Globe Theatre space itself, one can create embodied performance that is personal to the actor


Chess & Music  (Ages 3-7) 


 One of my newest teaching artist endeavors is becoming a children’s story-based Chess tutor with the company Chess at 3. In lieu of the ongoing global health crisis Chess at 3 is offering virtual lessons (via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts) in not only Chess but Music and Arts and Crafts! These lessons provide not only learning for the mind but also include interactive elements that allow kids to get into their body, use their imagination, and be silly! So if you have any children or know of any children between the ages of 3-7 who are in need of an escape into some fun learning I’m the tutor for you! Feel free to email me at elise.ramaekers@gmail.com or submit the form below. My companies’ site below.  


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