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Molly M Awbsterr 

Molly began life as a society dame but rebelled and ran off with a gangster and bootlegger named Floyd "Gat" Lingun. Gat took Molly to Kentucky where she ran bootleg liquor with him, learning to drive the heavy and powerful bootlegger's automobiles and how to use the essential element of the trade - the tommy gun. Her distribution network using passenger cars as 'tankers' appealed to fellow mobsters and was code-named the 'Packard Pipeline'. This fleet of innocent appearing new Packards are driven illegally between warehouses and her Chicago customers. Although Molly runs an illegal business she prides herself on it and tries to maintain her reputation an an upscale business woman.


Meet Kerrigan. College freshmen and high school graduate of the Knoville Knitting Factory Boarding School for girls. Kerrigan enjoys high school romance movies specifically from 1995-2005. She now attends Morris University stay tuned while she documents her experiences as a college freshmen where she intends to meet the love of her life.

Tara Misu

Tara is the former fiancé of Rocco Scarfazzi a no-nonsense Italian business man. At first she was his maid and then she ended up sweeping him off his feet. She went from having a firm hand on his heart and his assets to having him leave her in the lurch forcing her back to her father. Tara is trying to find her way in the world as a strong 2020 woman...while still trying to find the man of her dreams.

Lizzie Bordeaux 

This gothic and enigmatic woman hails from the south of France (at least that's what she says). Rumors that she hacked her parents apart with an ax as a child are all unsubstantiated. Regardless, Lizzie has had to fend for herself since her youth and learned the cutthroat ways of business. A sharp and incisive woman, and never one to mince words, she's carved herself out a slice of the Transylvanian dream. Now, she's the respected owner of the Motel California and is engaged to Deadbolt's leading citizen, Neville Aster-Night and mother to her pet spider Boris.

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