Who would’ve thought that Beethoven’s muse would be a tall kooky girl with bangs, flailing limbs, and crazy eyes?! No one would! Because I’m not! Sorry, I lied to you. It’s a poor first impression. So while we’re here...


Who Actually Am I? 


I'm Elise Ramaekers. A Des Moines, Iowa native, a Long Island University Post BFA in Theatre Performance graduate, a Chicago trained improviser, and a Suzuki Shakespeare trained, Dramatic Physical Theatre actor, pursuing a Comedic Acting career in NYC!!


I am a creator-and a weird one at that.  I consider myself to be a comedic actor above anything else. I spend far too much money on improv classes because it is the magic that made me a better actor and a human being (See the Eating Garbage Graciously tab for a 40 page paper on the magic!                  )

I do comedy not only because it’s where my personality and instincts lie but I like making people happy. Because it makes me happy. So I guess I'm just a selfish person!! ... enough of me goofing- My work is here for perusal and inquiry. Reach out if I look like your cup of tea.

PS. Just keep in mind I can come Iced, Hot, Two tea bags, 1 Tea bag, decaffeinated, caffeinated, minty, peachy…...HOWEVER YOU WANT OKAY!! I'M NOT AGGRESSIVE I SWEAR!!