-Getting Reel..with new Reels- 

I got some new reels! Whoo! 

While you're here check their screengrabs: 

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-Two Jumpsuits-


Hip-Hop & Musical Improv 


Bethilda & Winifred (produced by Two Jumpsuits) is Elise's quarantine dive into the world of Improv shows comprised of Freestyle Rap. Elise plays Bethilda-a kooky woman who occasionally transforms from a witch, to Santa's elf, to Cupid, to a Leprechaun, and more! (changes seasonally) 

Deeper look at: 



-The Story of Wicked- 


Another of Elise's "Quarantine Dives" is creating her own one-women virtual shows for Elementary school students. Elise is a resident artist with Tiny Broadway. Tiny Broadway produces  Elise's Interactive Virtual Shows. Elise's shows consist of a story with a SEL component, that interweaves musical numbers  and different kookycharacters to bring this story alive. Elise's latest creation, "The Story of Wicked" teaches students that not all seemingly "Good" people are all good and not all seemingly "Bad" people are all bad through telling The Story of Wicked. Elise plays 4 different characters in this show! To learn more, collaborate, or commission your own show click here: 


The One-Woman Children's Show